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Surf Beach Surgery is not a bulk billing practice.


Our doctors here genuinely care about our patients. We would love to be able to provide health care to you with no out of pocket expenses.

However, unfortunately the Medicare rebates have barely risen since 2014 and the cost of running a practice has increased significantly.

For this reason, we are introducing a new fee structure. Please understand that Surf Beach Surgery is here to provide you with quality health care services well into the future.

If you are genuinely unable to contribute towards your health care at any point please discuss this with your doctor. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to your doctor or our administration staff.


Consultation Fees from 1st January 2024

Brief Consult (1-5 minutes)                                                   $45.00

Concession Card Holder (1-5 minutes)                                 $40.00

**Medicare Rebate $18.95


Standard Consult (5 - 15minutes)                                          $90.00

Concession Card Holder (5 - 15minutes)                               $80.00

**Medicare Rebate $41.40


Long Consult (16- 40 minutes)                                                $150.00

Concession Card Holder (16- 40 minutes)                             $130.00

**Medicare Rebate $80.10


Very Long Consult (40-60 minutes)                                        $210.00

Concession Card Holder (40-60 minutes)                              $190.00

**Medicare Rebate $118.00


Pre-Anaesthetic Check                                                            $105.00

Concession Card Holder                                                          $85.00

**Medicare Rebate $40.85


ECG                                                                                             $45.00

Concession Card Holder                                                           $35.00

**Medicare Rebate $17.25


Skin Lesion Removal                                              Out of pocket facility fee ranging from $60 - $100


Wound Dressings                                                             $10.00 - $20.00


Phone Consultations                                             Same as face to face consults but may be reduced at the discretion of your doctor

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